All Day Monitor and Record

Easy operation page, makes you a easy day

Daily activities

Activity card shows the number of steps in the day, calories, duration of the event, and progress of the goal. Click to enter to view historical event data.


The sleep card shows the sleep data last night; the bracelet automatically records the sleep data, click to enter to view the daily sleep data; view the total sleep duration; deep sleep/light sleep/wake time; analyze sleep trends through APP to help you improve sleep quality

Heart rate cardHeart rate

card shows change trend on the day; supports automatic monitoring of changes; click to enter to view daily historical heart rate data: recent/maximum/minimum heart rate; heart rate different interval duration.

Sports mode cards

walking ,running, basketball, football, skipping, yoga,climbing,Riding, 8 sports modes.
Fitpolo sports card shows the latest sports data; click to enter to view historical
sports data: record activity data and heart rate trends for each exercise

Personal Settings

Find the proper tool and guidance


On devices page, you can view the current connection status of the bracelet, and set the wristband related functions such as screen brightness, vibration intensity, and face style…


Set the bracelet movement target, personal information


View the operation guide; FAQ; when you encounter a problem, you can contact technical support via Feedback

Find your fitness goals

Using the Fitpolo Intelligent smart band to keep on tracking your daily progress
and tap your potential with Fitpolo