1.Import and use SDK

1.1 import module project fitpolosupport

1.2 settings.gradle document,quote fitpolosupport project:

include ':app',':fitpolosupport'

1.3 Edit the build.gradle file of the main project:

dependencies {
    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    implementation project(path: ':fitpolosupport')

1.4 Import sdk at project initialization

public class BaseApplication extends Application {
    public void onCreate() {
        // initialization

2.Function Introduction

  • The methods provided in sdk include: scanning device, pairing device, sending queue command (processing response), sending no queue command (no processing response), open, close, reconnection, obtaining Bluetooth open status, obtaining device connection status, disconnecting from device Connection, etc.
  • Since the scanning device and the receiving command are asynchronous thread processing, it is recommended that all methods be called in Service to ensure that the app can receive data normally in the background;
  • The method can be called with MokoSupport.getInstance();

2.1 startScanDevice

@Description  scanning device
public void startScanDevice(final MokoScanDeviceCallback callback) {}

MokoScanDeviceCallback:call back

@Description scan device call back
public interface ScanDeviceCallback {
    @Description  start scan
    void onStartScan();
    @Description  scanned device
    void onScanDevice(BleDevice device);
    @Description  end scan
    void onStopScan();
  • Prepare for the scan in onStartScan();

  • Receive scanned devices on onScanDevice(BleDevice device). Scanned devices include MAC address, name, semaphore, and scan history.

      public class BleDevice implements Serializable, Comparable<BleDevice> {
          public String address;
          public String name;
          public int rssi;
          public String verifyCode;
          public int deviceType;
          public byte[] scanRecord;

    for example

      BleDevice{address='DA:22:C3:C7:7D', name='FitpolpHR', rssi=-38, verifyCode='0C8D02', scanRecord=[2,1,6,7...]}
  • Do the processing work after scanning in onStopScan();

2.2 createBluetoothGatt

@Description  pair device
public void connDevice(Context context, String address, MokoConnStateCallback mokoConnStateCallback) {}

Enter the parameters:

  1. context

  2. device MAC address

  3. MokoConnStateCallback;callback

     @Description  Front end display connection callback
     public interface MokoConnStateCallback {
         @Description  connect successfully
         void onConnectSuccess();
         @Description  disconnect
         void onDisConnected();
         @Description  reconnect timeout
         void onConnTimeout(int reConnCount);
  • onConnectSuccess() means connect successful

  • onDisConnected() means connect failed

  • onConnTimeout(int reConnCount) means connect failed,reConnCount reconnect times;

2.3 setOpenReConnect

@Description   setreconnect
public void setOpenReConnect(boolean openReConnect){}

openReConnect is true, then reconnect is opened. When the connection fails or the connection is disconnected, the system will execute the connection thread. If the Bluetooth is turned off, the reconnection will be performed in 5 seconds. If the reconnection fails, continue to reconnect;

  • openReConnectis false,then turn it off and reconnect

2.4 sendOrder

@Description   send order
public void sendOrder(OrderTask... orderTasks){}
  • could send singel order
  • Can also send multiple commands, the command is processed in a queue, first in, first out

Abstract class command, including command enumeration, command response callback, command response result;

public abstract class OrderTask {
	public OrderType orderType;
	public OrderEnum order;
    public MokoOrderTaskCallback callback;
    public OrderTaskResponse response;
  1. OrderType

     public enum OrderType implements Serializable {
     	NOTIFY("NOTIFY", "0000ffc2-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb"),
     	WRITE("WRITE", "0000ffc1-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb"),
     	READ_CHARACTER("READ_CHARACTER", "0000ffb0-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb"),
     	WRITE_CHARACTER("WRITE_CHARACTER", "0000ffb1-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb"),
     	STEP_CHARACTER("STEP_CHARACTER", "0000ffb2-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb"),
     	HEART_RATE_CHARACTER("HEART_RATE_CHARACTER", "0000ffb3-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb"),
     	private String uuid;
     	private String name;
     	OrderType(String name, String uuid) { = name;
     		this.uuid = uuid;
     	public String getUuid() {
     		return uuid;
     	public String getName() {
     		return name;
    • Command type: Each command belongs to one type. At present, H703/H705 has read, write, step and heart rate (the latter two support real-time data change notification). All types need to be connected to the device to open the notification Function, then could receive a response
  2. OrderEnum

     public enum OrderEnum implements Serializable {
     	READ_NOTIFY("turn on read notify", 0),
     	WRITE_NOTIFY("turn on write notify", 0)
     	STEP_NOTIFY("turn on step counting notify", 0),
     	HEART_RATE_NOTIFY("turn on heart rate notify", 0),
     	Z_READ_ALARMS("read alarm", 0x01),
     	Z_READ_SIT_ALERT("read Sedentary reminder", 0x04),
     	Z_READ_STEP_TARGET("read step target", 0x06),
     	Z_READ_UNIT_TYPE("read unit type", 0x07),
     	private String orderName;
     	private int orderHeader;
     	OrderEnum(String orderName, int orderHeader) {
     		this.orderName = orderName;
     		this.orderHeader = orderHeader;
     	public int getOrderHeader() {
     		return orderHeader;
     	public String getOrderName() {
     		return orderName;
    • orderName: order name;
    • orderHeader: Distinguish the header of the command:
    • Different commands correspond to different enumeration types. When multiple commands are executed, command is answered according to the type;
  3. MokoOrderTaskCallback

     public interface MokoOrderTaskCallback {
     	//  response success
         void onOrderResult(OrderTaskResponse response);
     	//  response timeout
         void onOrderTimeout(OrderTaskResponse response);
     	//  order executed complete
         void onOrderFinish();
    • onOrderResult(OrderTaskResponse response) response success,response include OrderEnum,could judge which order’s result according to order enum;
    • onOrderTimeout(OrderTaskResponse response) response timeout,response include OrderEnum,could judge which order time out according to order enum;
    • onOrderFinish() order finished executing, when no order in the queue, callback the method.
  4. OrderTaskResponse

     public class OrderTaskResponse implements Serializable {
     	public OrderEnum order;
     	public int responseType;
     	public byte[] responseValue;
    • responseType:RESPONSE_TYPE_NOTIFYandRESPONSE_TYPE_WRITE_NO_RESPONSEtwo types,distinguish order type;
    • responseValue: response reutuned value


1.gain inner version No.
After returning the result, you can get the bracelet information as follows:
MokoSupport.versionCode;// gain firmware
MokoSupport.firmwareEnum;// gain firmware type
MokoSupport.canUpgrade;// whether could upgrade
2.set system time
3.set user information
UserInfo Incoming users need to pass in user information
public class UserInfo {
public int weight;//  weight
public int height;//  height
public int age;//  age
public int birthdayMonth;//  birthday month
public int birthdayDay;//  birthday date
public int gender;// Gender Male: 0; Female: 1
public int stepExtent;//  step extent
4.gain user information
5.set alarm data
List<BandAlarm> Incoming access to the alarm information
public class BandAlarm {
public String time;// time,formate:HH:mm
//  state
// bit[7]:0:close;1:open;
// bit[6]:1:sunday
// bit[5]:1:saturday
// bit[4]:1:Friday
// bit[3]:1:Thursday
// bit[2]:1:Wednesday
// bit[1]:1:Tuesday
// bit[0]:1:Monday
// ex: every Sunday turn on:11000000; every Monday to Friday to trun on: 10011111;
public String state;
public int type;// type,0:take medicine;1:drink water;3:normaly;4:sleep ;5:take medicine;6: do sports
6.gain alarm datas
7.set unit
Incoming entry unit system
unitType// 0: Chinese type;1:British type, Default Chinese type
8.gain unit type
9.set display time format
Incoming entry should display time format
timeFormat;// 0:24;1:12, default 24-hour system
10.gain time display formate
11.set light up the screen  by tap
incoming entry AutoLighten
public class AutoLighten {
public int autoLighten; //  shake screen ,1: on;0: off;
public String startTime;//  start time, formate:HH:mm;
public String endTime;// end time,formate:HH:mm;	8.set Sedentary reminder
12.gain light up the screen by tap
13.set sendentary reminder
SitAlert  incoing entry sedentary reminder information
public class SitAlert {
public int alertSwitch; //  advise to sport,1: on;0: off;
public String startTime;//  start time, formate:HH:mm;
public String endTime;//  end time, formate:HH:mm;
14.gain sedentary reminder information
15.set last time display
Incoming parameters need pass last time display
lastScreen;// 1: on;0: off
16.gain last time display
17.set heart rate  meansure intervial
Incoming parameters need pass heart rate intervial
heartRateInterval;// 0: off;1: 10mins;2: 20mins;3: 30mins
18.gain heart rate measure intrvial
19.Set custom sortable features
Entering need to pass in the set of functions that can be displayed
ArrayList<Integer> shownScreen = new ArrayList<>();
shownScreen.add(4);//4:Heart Rate
shownScreen.add(12);//3:Sport Step
shownScreen.add(13);//4:Sport Run
shownScreen.add(14);//5:Sport Riding
shownScreen.add(15);//6:Sport Basketball
shownScreen.add(16);//7:Sport Football
shownScreen.add(17);//8:Sport Yoga
shownScreen.add(18);//9:Sport Rope Skipping
shownScreen.add(19);//8:Sport Mountaineering
shownScreen.add(2);//8:Stop Watch
shownScreen.add(5);//8:Breathing Training
The order of the values in the collection is the order in which the functions are displayed. The functions that do not need to be displayed are not added to the collection. For example:
ArrayList<Integer> shownScreen = new ArrayList<>();
shownScreen.add(4);//1:Heart Rate
20.Get custom sortable features
21.set target steps
incoming parameter need pass target steps
stepTarget;// value range 1~60000
22.gain target step
23.set watch face
incoming parameter need pass watch face
dial;// value range 1~3
24.gain watch face setting
25.set do not disturb
incoming parameter need pass do not disturb
public class NoDisturb {
public int noDisturb; //  do not disturb,1: on;0: off;
public String startTime;//  start time, formate:HH:mm;
public String endTime;//  end time, formate:HH:mm;
26.Read not disturb
27.Get unsynchronized step data
incoming parameter need timestamp
lastSyncTime;// yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
After returning the result, you can view the step data after the timestamp.
28.Get unsynchronized sleep record data
incoming parameter need timestamp
lastSyncTime;// yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
After returning the result, you can view the sleep data after the timestamp.
29.get unsymchronized heart rate datas
incoming parameter need timestamp
lastSyncTime;// yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
After returning the result, you can view the heart rate after the timestamp.
30.turn steps change notification
Can be received by the broadcast receiver when turned on
if (MokoConstants.ACTION_CURRENT_DATA.equals(action)) {
OrderEnum orderEnum = (OrderEnum) intent.getSerializableExtra(MokoConstants.EXTRA_KEY_CURRENT_DATA_TYPE);
switch (orderEnum) {
DailyStep dailyStep = MokoSupport.getInstance().getDailyStep();
31.gain Hardware parameter
Check the firmware parameters after returning the result
MokoSupport.getInstance().getProductBatch();// produce batch
MokoSupport.getInstance().getParams();// hardware parameter
public class FirmwareParams {
public String test; // bit0:flash, bit1:G sensor,bit2: hr  measure;
public int reflectiveThreshold;// Reflective threshold, default1380;
public int reflectiveValue;// present reflective threshold
public int batchYear;//  produce batch year
public int batchWeek;//  produce batch week
public int speedUnit;// Bluetooth connection speed unit is 1.25ms
32.gain battery power
check battery power after returning the result
33.gain last time charge time
34.set bracelet vibrate
default vibrate twice, vibrate 1 second then stop 1 second
no response handle
35.set bracelet notification
showText;// no more than 30 bytes
isOpen;// on/off notification
36.Set the bracelet to reset the data
37.set the bracelet to shut down
38.find the mobilephone
When you need to use the search function on the bracelet, please send this command. After sending, click on the search for the phone on the bracelet and you will receive the command sent by the bracelet.
39.set bracelet language
Send this command to set the bracelet language to the system language
40.set date format
Incoming entry date format
dateFormat;// 0:日/月,1:月/日
41.gain date format:zr
42.Set the vibration intensity of the bracelet
Incoming vibration intensity
shakeStrength;// ranges:1~9
43.Get the vibration intensity of the bracelet
44.Set the step interval
Default 30 minutes (1E)
45.Get the step interval
46.Get exercise data
incoming parameter need timestamp
lastSyncTime;// yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
47.Get sports heart rate
incoming parameter need timestamp
lastSyncTime;// yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
48.Set the dial screen bg
incoming parameter need fileSize,index
If the dial is set to 3 and the background index is set to 0
If the dial is set to 4 and the background index is set to 1

2.5 sendDirectOrder

Send commands directly, this method can be used when the command does not need to answer, only supports the sending of a single command.

public void sendDirectOrder(OrderTask orderTask){}

2.6 isBluetoothOpen

Judge if Bluetooth is turned on

public boolean isBluetoothOpen(){}

2.7 isConnDevice

judge if the bracelet is connected with app

public boolean isConnDevice(Context context, String address){}

incominf parameter:address bracelet mac address

2.8 disConnectBle

disconnect the bracelet

public void disConnectBle(){}

2.9 UpgradeHandler

send the file to the device

UpgradeHandler  upgradeHandler = new UpgradeHandler(Context context);
upgradeHandler.setFilePath(String filePath, String�� address, IUpgradeCallback callback);

The device disconnects before sending the file, connected again after 4 seconds, and the file will be sent after CRC verification

public void sendUpgradeOrder(OrderTask orderTask, IUpgradeDataListener IUpgradeDataListener);



3.Save Log to SD Card

  • The SDK integrates the function of saving the log to the SD card. reference from:

  • Initialization method could be available from MokoSupport.getInstance().init(getApplicationContext())

  • The file name folder name and file name saved on the SD card can be modified.

      public class LogModule {
    private static final String TAG = "fitpoloDemoH707";//  file name
    private static final String LOG_FOLDER = "fitpoloDemoH707";//  file folder name
  • Storage policy: only save the current day data and the previous day data, the previous day data is suffixed with .bak

  • Call method:

    • LogModule.v(“log info”);
    • LogModule.d(“log info”);
    • LogModule.i(“log info”);
    • LogModule.w(“log info”);
    • LogModule.e(“log info”);


  • The upgrade function is based on DFU and is used as follows:

    • Register/anti-register listener

      protected void onResume() {
      DfuServiceListenerHelper.registerProgressListener(this, mDfuProgressListener);
      protected void onPause() {
      DfuServiceListenerHelper.unregisterProgressListener(this, mDfuProgressListener);
    • Turn on DFU, you need to pass the device Mac address and device name, firmware path, create DfuService

        final DfuServiceInitiator starter = new DfuServiceInitiator(mDevice.address)
      starter.setZip(null, firmwarePath);
      starter.start(this, DfuService.class);
    • Monitor upgrade status

      onProgressChanged gain upgrade progess onError gain fail reason onDfuCompleted upgrade succeed

  • note:

    • can not send datas to the bracelet during the upgrade;
    • When the upgrade starts, DFU will automatically disconnect the bracelet first, and then restart after the reconnection;
    • After the upgrade fails or succeeds, the bracelet will be disconnected again, and the bracelet needs to be reconnected;