Why Choose Us

1. Accurate Algorithm

Step Algorithm:

  • Self-developed step monitoring algorithm
  • Anti-interference identification, preventing false data recording and enhancing accuracy
  • Adaptive algorithm, according to each user’s behavior habits, automatically adapt to the motion frequency, enhance accuracy
  • Accuracy is over 90%

2. Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart Rate Algorithm:

• Self-developed heart rate algorithm

• Real time heart rate monitoring

• 24 hours real time heart rate monitoring

  • Dynamic heart rate monitoring under sports mode high precision

3. Automatic Sleep Recognition

Sleep Algorithm

• Self-developed sleep algorithm

• Automatically identify sleep monitoring mode

• Sleep tolerance within 10 minutes

4. Low Consumption Optimization

Ultra Low Power Consumption:

• Daily use:5-10days(Depending on the
 frequency of use)

• Stand-by:30days and more

5. APP Development

• Independent APP team, self-developed APP

• Free SDK and development technical support

• APP supports multiple languages (12 languages)

• Support OTA updates for product development and maintenance

• Strong after-sales support, point to point problem solving

Strict Function & Quality Testing

More Than 40 Test Procedures, To Make One Quality Smart Wristband

R & D Teams, Strong Mass Production Capacity

R & D team

R & D center: 70 hardware and software engineers development team, strong development capabilities, independent development of algorithms, software, hardware, structure, ID, UI

Production Line

Production: 8 SMT production lines and 7 assembly lines, with monthly output exceeding 200Kpcs. Quality: Strict quality control, including IQC, IPQC, OQC procedures…

PCB Manufacturing
Soluble Tin
Reflow Foldering
Add Vibration
Clear The Glue
Electronic Test
Aging Test
Finished Product Function Test